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Drama at AS and A level studies theatre through the exploration of plays and influential practitioners. The exploration is practical and students produce a set of personal notes to accompany this. The AS external exam is practical and includes a teacher directed play and the performance of a monologue/duologue or the presentation of a design skill. The emphasis is on ensemble work and developing and exploring a range of performance styles. At A level the performance is an original piece of theatre devised by the group.

Student’s practical work is supported by regular theatre visits, both locally and further a field. These experiences enhance the student’s practical responses and facilitate the written evaluative coursework.

The beauty of the Edexcel syllabus at A level is that no two years are the same; courses can be tailored to the talents and interests of particular groups. We have had individuals who have excelled at design and expanded their understanding of theatre through pursuing their interest in this area. Directing is also an option for students interested in developing this skill.


Our aim is to give every pupil in the school the opportunity to be involved in drama productions, whether developing skills in acting, design and stage management or technical areas like sound and lighting. Students will take part in various performances as part of the course and will be encouraged to take a key role in the Whole School Productions.

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