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English as an Additional Language

When English is not the mother tongue, and the pupil has been schooled in another language, he or she will usually need the support of EAL lessons when they come to Saint Felix School. These are offered on a class basis, and where the pupil needs additional support, on a one to one or small group basis. EAL classes are taught in attractive sunny classrooms with great views over the surrounding countryside. EAL pupils are made to feel very welcome and we place much importance on their integration into both social and academic contexts.

The EAL team offer between 5 and 6 group lessons a week covering all aspects of using English for everyday, social, and academic purposes, and covering the four key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The aim is to increase the pupils’ fluency and help them achieve their full potential in the school’s English speaking environment and beyond. Close liaison takes place between the EAL teachers and other subject teachers, to give the pupil the support they need across the subjects. Where possible, links are made between British culture and the culture of the pupil in order to make them feel at home and to demonstrate that exchanging cultural ideas is as important to us as it is to them.

The EAL Department runs courses which are adapted to the needs of the individual pupil as much as possible.

  • IELTS (in the Sixth Form – needed for University Entry)

First Language examinations

We encourage international students to take mother tongue examinations whenever possible. Examples of this are French, German, Italian, Mandarin as well as the modern languages that we routinely offer.

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