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French is a major European language. A good working knowledge of it will enhance your job prospects in a market where continental Europeans take a mastery of one or more foreign languages for granted! It will enable you to better understand the French and their culture, and there are, of course, many countries outside Europe whose official language is French.

The AS/A level course develops all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and aims to enable you to understand and communicate effectively. You will be taught almost exclusively in French and encouraged to take an interest in contemporary French issues.

At AS level your language skills will be developed within the framework of topic areas such as: day to day matters (food, health, tourism, media etc); Society (family, social issues, leisure and arts); and the Working World (education, business, information technology). Topic areas at A2 level include the environment and citizenship (pollution, politics, charities), and the International Context (traditions, the European Union, worldwide problems).

You will learn to research, discuss, debate and write about these issues, and express your own opinions.

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