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Music is an integral part of life at Saint Felix School.

As well as offering GCSE and A-level courses in Music, each term there are also a large number of public and school concerts, workshops and other musical events.

We prepare our A Level students for music courses at university and auditions for music colleges. We have a strong tradition of sending our students to, amongst others, The Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College of Music.

The Music department aims to encourage students in creating, performing and responding to music of all kinds. We offer opportunities to develop pupils' understanding and appreciation of a wide range of music, encouraging them to extend and broaden their interests and increase their ability to make informed judgements about music.

In class and through extra-curricular activities and individual instrumental lessons pupils acquire knowledge, skills and the understanding needed to make music and perform to the highest level within their own musical capabilities both as individuals and as members of groups and ensembles.

Whether you sing or play an instrument or not, we believe that all children, through music, can develop skills, attitudes and attributes such as listening skills, concentration, creativity, intuition, aesthetic and interpersonal sensitivity, perseverance and self-confidence which can be used throughout life.

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