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The psychology department aims to increase students’ understanding about human behaviour, both typical and atypical. A greater understanding of the reasons for people’s behaviour is vital to the development of pupils enhancing and supporting a rounded education, moral values and personal and social skills.

As a research-based subject, students have to learn to assess the credibility of theories using evidence, and gain experience in dealing with current theories about human behaviour, ranging from mental health, through to current developments in cognitive neuroscience.  Studying Psychology allows students to gain many key transferable skills, useful for other subjects at the same academic level and also higher education, among which are data analysis and report-style writing.

  • AS Level is divided in to two units, considering aspects of psychology from different perspectives.  In Unit 1, students study  social and the cognitive approaches. In Unit 2, students go on to study psychodynamic, biological and learning approaches.
  • A2 is also divided in to  two units, both looking at different applications of psychology and building on the work done at AS. Unit 3 consists of criminal and child psychology, and in Unit 4, students learn about clinical psychology in addition to a synoptic module linking both the years’ work together.
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